Youth Work


The current issues of juvenile amongst youths as rapidly growth. We often read in the newspapers the juvenile amongst youths arise. The parents and teachers are worry. The government has approach NGOs' to help this group of youths. Therefore in the year of 2005, we started secondary schools projects by organizing talks and workshops.

End of 2007, Pastor Manuval, our committed volunteer who approaches to start a football team. He was footballer many years ago. That's the birth of football team. We started with 30 boys, 20 Indians and 10 Malays from Kamunting, Ulu Tupai and Aulong. From February 2008, Pastor Manuval join us as full time worker.

At the same time we thanks and appreciate to Japanese National Council of Social Welfare give us the grant for this work. We use this grant for buying boots for those boys who are poor, ordered football jersey for the boys, camps and etc...The football training held at Rakan Muda Complex every Saturday and Sunday at afternoon. Pastor Manuval takes our van to pick up boys for training and as well as he coaching the boys..

TARGET AGE GROUP: 12 to 23 years old


  1. To develop and help the youths in holistic approach => spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social
  2. To promote high discipline standard and training amongst the youths.
  3. To help the youths become betterment and useful citizens in the country>/li>


  1. Abide to strict regulation during all training.
  2. Organizing training camps and motivation talks.
  3. Organizing and involve tournament cups
  4. Counseling and caring individual boys

Our first youths camp at PPKT Centre

On 16th &17th August 2008, is our first youth camp. There were total 25 boys(22 Indians and 3 Malays) attended this meaningful camp. We borrowed 6 tents from Scouts of St. George Secondary School.

In the same time we invited Mr. Leong Kum Weng, town councilor who represented YB. Nga Kor Meng, Ahli Parliament Taiping to officiate this camp and ESDA Youth Work. We had various activities like learning to pitch tents, basic drill, obstacles race, campfire, morning warm-up and football coaching clinic. At the first day, Stephen conducted motivation talk. During campfire the boys presented few items and as well as Asudas shared his life story. He told the boys how he hooked into drugs dens and how to come out. Pastor Manu also shared his life story from teenager to adults. We also had water bombs game during that night.

After campfire, we have barbeque and also our Chairman, Mr. Sung donated KFC to the boys. The next early we have fall-in for morning warm-up with Asudas. Right after breakfast which prepared by Jennifer, wife of Pastor Manu the boys prepared for football coaching clinic at St. George Secondary School's field. We was very happy to invite Mr. M. Dataya conducted football coaching clinic. At the last program for the camp, the boys stood up to share their happiness during this 2 days camp. We end up with Mr. Sung, our chairman presented attended certificates and mugs to the boys. We break tents at 2.30pm