Services for People with Disability

"The Act for Persons with Disability" was approved and tabled in the Malaysian Parliament in 2008. This Act provides for the registration, protection, rehabilitation, development and wellbeing of persons with disabilities, the establishment of National Council for Persons with Disabilities and for matters connected therewith.

  • RECOGNIZING that disability is an evolving concept and that disability results from the interaction between persons with disabilities and attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinders their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with persons without disabilities:
  • RECOGNIZING the valued existing and potential contributions made by persons with disabilities to the overall wellbeing and diversity of the community and society:
  • RECOGNIZING the importance of accessibility to the physical, social, economic and cultural environment, to health and education and to information and communication, in enabling persons with disabilities to fully and effectively participate in society:
  • RECOGNIZING that persons with disabilities are entitled to equal opportunity and protection and assistance in all circumstances and subject only to such limitations, restrictions and the protection of rights as provided by the Federal Constitution:
  • RECOGNIZING the importance of the co-operation between the Government and the private sector and non-governmental organizations in ensuring the full and effective participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in society:


Our work centre where the disabled people come to work also serves as a place for them to socialize and to improve their social skills. The program includes vocational training; techniques like basic attitudes as workers as well as understand the basic skills relating to work. It is our hope that this work centre will greatly encourage the disabled people to discover their different abilities and master them. This work centre is also aimed at providing a daily program for severely disabled.

The work centre runs from Monday to Thursday, 9.15am to 4.00pm and Friday is half-day. At the moment we have 25 disabled people that range from mild to severe disability. We provide transport for 12 disabled people daily with our center's van to our centre. We thank God the work centre is expanding to more disabled people in Taiping. All of them are getting disabled workers allowances from social welfare department. We are going to extend Friday to a full day of work.

We have various activities for them to work like recycle papers, making cards and bookmarks, leg rucksacks, farming and etc. We have classes in various topics like counting money, hygiene, basic reading skills even spiritual class. Ms. Theresa coordinates and supervises this work. She also has an assistant, Mr. Yik Tek. We also organize outings like to the zoo, Tesco, Giant, Bukit Merah, Spritzer factory, etc...We are moving towards open employment, sending them out to work. This is the goal we hope to achieve. We also hope for more contract work for those in the centre.


In the rehabilitation or therapy class we are focusing on children with disabilities. We provide intensive therapy for children with their parents too. We thank God for Aunty Leong and Vaness who help in the therapy class every Wednesday. And Stephen takes over the Therapy class every Tuesday. We have more than 15 children with disabilities who come for our service. Most of our clients were referred to us from Hospital Taiping (pediatric department). The therapy techniques include stretching every muscle of the limbs, mat activities, walking, standing and sensory stimulation.

We work closely with their concerned parents and emphasize to them the importance of doing follow-up in their homes as many times as they possibly can. Whenever they come to the centre for therapy the parents are able to meet with other parents for support and spend time chatting with one another.

We also take in adults with severe disability. We just try to maintain their current condition and prevent deterioration. We teach them the basic gross motor skills.

Aunty Leong is a retired nurse who worked in the pediatric department for many years. She has wide experience working with children with disabilities. She has been with us since 2006. Vaness is a mother with a child with very severe Cerebral Palsy. She also has wide experience in therapy techniques. We really thank them for their voluntary service.


Every staff needs to take initiative to do home visit. In home visits we can identify the needs of our clients. We provide counseling and encouragement to the parents and as well as disabled themselves. During our home visitation, we also discuss various topics with their family members, especially about medical facilities. We also take an active role in helping the disabled people in registration with government departments. We provide transport to those who have great difficulty getting transportation to hospital and other important places. We are providing useful information.