Disabled People’s Outing to Cameron Highlands

In the early months of 2013, I asked my colleague, Ruth, to suggest a place for our disabled people outing. She suggested a two-day trip to Cameron Highlands. I told her it was too difficult. First of all financially and secondly man power shortage. However, I finally agreed to it.

Thanks and glory to God in the highest - the trip was a success. We were able to take 31 adult disabled people (6 wheelchair users), 6 mothers, 2 fathers, 8 staff and 4 volunteers. The total was 51 people. We hired a big travel bus and also used our new van from Berjaya Cares Foundation.

On the 3rd October, we moved from our centre at 7.20am and reached Cameron Highlands at 10.10am. We stopped at Green View Garden to see the plantations and strawberries. After that, we moved on to Lavender Garden which was a new attraction. We thank Mr. C.L. Cheah, the owner of Lavender Garden, for giving us free tickets. It’s a very beautiful place, full of various coloured flowers. We had lunch at an Indian stall near Kea Farm. At 2.30pm, we moved from our big travel bus into a small school bus that took us along the narrow road toward Boh Tea plantation at Sungai Palas. During the journey it rained very heavily but somehow it stopped when we reached the plantation. We visited the factory. We are thankful to the Boh Tea management for providing us nice tea and sandwiches.

visiting boh tea plantation

At 4.30pm, we checked in at Barre IJ Centre (Catholic centre) at Tanah Rata. At night, we went to Brinchang for steamboat dinner. We enjoyed ourselves very much. We occupied 5 tables in the restaurant. ESDA paid a very reasonable price for the delicious and satisfying food. On that night, unfortunately, the night market was not open. We went back early to Barre IJ Centre.

On the 4th October, we woke up early and gathered at the hall for a short devotion and gave thanks to God for this wonderful trip. After breakfast we went to Mardi Agrotechnology Park. We spent an hour there because it was a big place. Before lunch, most of our disabled friends wanted to do some shopping. We stopped at an open air market – Kea Farm. After shopping we walked across to the same stall where we had lunch on the first day and again had lunch there. On the way down from Cameron Highlands, we stopped at Last Stop Shop as our final shopping venue before we moved back to Taiping. We reached ESDA Centre at 4.30pm.

All of us had a joyful and fruitful trip to Cameron Highlands. A big thank you to all donors who made our trip come true.