Aulong Lama Community Centre

In the early months of 2013, the attendance at our centre dropped because:

  1. Our centre was vandalised by drug addicts one night. After the incident, a few parents stopped sending their children to our centre. However, our centre is now safe.
  2. We did not have a stay-in librarian. New staff had not built up relationship with the parents yet. We are working very hard in this area to train our new staff.

In the later months of 2013, the attendance grew from 30 to 40 children. This was because:

  1. We redeveloped the programmes to make them more interesting.
  2. We had dedicated staff and volunteers to operate the centre from Monday to Friday, 2.30pm – 5.30pm.
  3. Our driver would fetch the children to and from Aulong Centre.
  4. More interesting books.
  5. In November and December, we organised some special programmes:
    • Trip to Taiping Zoo and McDonald’s.
    • Pesta Christmas for the community.
    • Penang YMCA and ESDA organised a Christmas party at St. George’s Secondary School.
  1. English Camp
  2. On 1st June, the Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) of Taiping Wesley Methodist Church conducted an English Camp at our Aulong Lama Centre. We started at 4.00pm with registration and 33 children turned up. The programme started with singing at the compound. After breaking into groups, they went inside for story telling session. At the end, the children had an enjoyable time of games outside.

    ESDA had tea prepared for all of them before they departed. The programme ended at 5.30pm.

  3. Merdeka Colouring Contest
  4. Venue: Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti Kita, Aulong Lama

    On 30th August, we organised a Merdeka Colouring Contest with Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti Kita, Aulong Lama, at their place. ESDA shared the expenses with this organisation and we gave gifts to the children. 55 children aged as young as 6 years old to 13 years old participated. Persatuan Kita prepared nice refreshment for them. The significance of this event is the 2 organisations (ESDA and Persatuan Kita) working together for the community.

  5. Outing: To Zoo and Simpang McDonald’s
  6. On the 26th November, we were very happy to bring joy and fun to 28 children from our Aulong Lama Centre. They had been attending our centre’s activities for a year. We organised a trip to the zoo and lunch at Mc Donald’s. We used our excess funds to make this wonderful trip possible. All the children come from poor families.

  7. Pesta Christmas
  8. On the 31st November, we celebrated our 2nd Pesta Christmas at the centre and 130 people turned up for the event. We started at 6.50pm with Christmas carols by Revival Fire Church. Our Aulong Centre presented 3 items and Revival Fire Church presented 2 items. Pastor Arul, Senior Pastor of Revival Fire Church, spoke on the meaning of Christmas. Pastor David, Assistant Pastor of Revival Fire Church, shared his story. At the end of the programme, Ms. Yong, Ms. Lou and Mdm. Cynthia from Taiping Wesley Church gave out 90 Christmas gifts to all the children. We ended with buffet dinner.